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Looking for a challenge? Ride the Bike the Finger Lakes 11 Challenge

By Jim Reed
Managing partner
Ziff Law Firm, Elmira

We're all sick of staying home, and now that spring has finally arrived, Steve Powell of the Finger Lakes Cycling Club (FLCC) has come up with a great way to get us back on the road for some long-distance bicycling fun. Steve and FLCC have kicked off the Bike the Finger Lakes 11 Challenge!

The club's goal is to inspire and challenge people to ride around all 11 of the Finger Lakes during 2021, or over their lifetime. It's not a race. It's just for fun.

Our Seneca Lake, the largest of the 11 lakes, offers some of the most beautiful views in the Finger Lakes. If you can't ride it, take the family for a weekend drive around the lake. It's magnificent.

The Challenge is open to all bicyclists and it is free. You don't have to be a member of FLCC to participate, but I highly recommend joining if you love biking in the region.

You can join FLCC here and learn more about the Challenge here.

As avid cyclists and lovers of the Finger Lakes region, my wife Meg and I have ridden thousands of miles around the beautiful Finger Lakes. Rides around many of the lakes -- Seneca, Keuka, Cayuga and Owasco -- are an annual ritual for us. We have never ridden around all 11 of the Finger Lakes in a single year, but this new Bike the Finger Lakes 11 Challenge might just be the incentive we need to venture further afield and ride all 11.

The Challenge website has a lot of great route resources and other information that is important to cyclists in one easy-to-use place, along with a fun way to keep track of everyone's progress during the challenge.

The site includes a section on how to get started and has valuable information for cyclists on all 11 lakes.

Steve says there's a free gift for everyone when they register and a special gift when they complete the Challenge.

There is no schedule and you don't have to ride around all 11 Finger Lakes this year -- ride around each lake whenever it is convenient for you. Steve said that rides completed in past years can count toward the Challenge.

The route resources were compiled by veteran bicyclists at FLCC, so you can count on their expertise to guide you safely.

For those visiting the Finger Lakes, why not ride around several lakes during a weekend getaway -- or plan a one- to two-week vacation and go for all 11?

Take the Challenge and join FLCC while you're at it. You won't regret it.

Thanks for reading,


Photo at top of text: Jim Reed


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