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Odessa Building Permit Information

The following is Building Permit Information for the Village of Odessa published to update residents on codes. Building permits are $1 per project.

Office of Code Enforcement and Zoning

“A Caring Community”

300 E. Main St.
Odessa, NY 14869
Phone: 607.594.2100
Fax: 607.594.4282

By Appointment

By Appointment, best to drop off at Village Hall, as they have to be reviewed for both Zoning and Building Code Compliance, including a site visit and research for retroactive State requirements, i.e. smoke and CO Alarms.

By Appointment

Bud Kibbe
Cell #: 607.731.3339
Cert. # 0706-6871B

Building Permit Applications are available at the Village Clerk’s Office during their normal hours or via email by contacting the Code Officer.

Electrical Work requires a 3rd Party Inspection Service. There is a list of Approved Inspectors in the Permit Packet.

It is always best to call when in doubt if a Building Permit is required.

Some projects will require additional Life Safety or Energy Code Compliance required work, e.g. Residential Code Appendix J requires retrofit hardwired Smoke Alarms w/ interconnectivity & battery backup systems.

Another Important Issue:
Did you know that insurance claims may be denied if work was done without building permits, inspections, and certificate of compliance issued, even canceled? Or Lending Institutions may
not finance or mortgage the property because of Building Code Violations?

Fire and Safety Inspections

12 Months: All ASSEMBLY Occupancies, i.e. Restaurants, Churches, Arenas, Gathering places that accommodate more than fifty people shall be inspected at least once every twelve months.
36 Months: Businesses, Mercantiles, Factories, Offices, Service Stations, Repair Shops, Apartment Buildings with three or more apartments, Storage Facilities, Institutions, Motels, Hotels, etc.
Exempt: One and two family dwellings. However, you may request the Code Enforcement Officer to perform an inspection.

* There is a fee associated with Fire & Safety Inspections.

Legal Remedies & Penalties:
The Goal of the Code is Compliance first and foremost – “To protect the general welfare and safety of the public,” not to jam folks up. Everyone benefits from a good Code Program, because it helps keep property insurance rates down (ISO). That means the Municipality adheres to the State’s Laws, Codes, Rules, and Regulations. Codes also protect the Contractor for compliance and insurance.

Unknown to most people Code Offenses are considered criminal activity pursuant to CPL 150 of the Penal Code of New York.

Basically a Code Offense has no Statute of Limitations, i.e. a Code Violation today is a separate, new and chargeable offense tomorrow for each day it exists.

Offenses of the Village Code are chargeable violations with fines and/or possible incarceration time.

Offenses of the State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code of NY are chargeable misdemeanors with fines and/or up to one year of incarceration.

Additionally, the site would be ordered to be put back to the pre-construction state or possibly approved engineer sign-offs.

Definitions & Type of Work
Level One Alterations: include the removal and replacement or the covering of existing materials, elements, equipment or fixtures using new materials, elements, equipment or fixtures that serve the same purpose, without reconfiguring the space. (RCofNY Appendix J A303)
Level Two Alterations: include the reconfiguration of space, the addition or elimination of any door or window, the reconfiguration or extension of any system, or the installation of any additional equipment. (RCofNY Appendix J A304)

Examples of Work where Permits are required:
--Re-roofing, Siding, Decks, Porches, Stairs
--Furnace, Boilers, A/C, incl. replacement
--Pools, Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis
--Fireplaces, wood & pellet stoves
--Sheds of 120 sq ft or more
--Replacement Windows – 50% or more
--Remodels – Kitchens, Bathrooms, etc.
--Electrical Service Upgrades and Backup Generators
--Demolition work and removal

Where Permits are not required, examples:
--Finished floor coverings – tile, carpet, hardwood, vinyl, etc.
--Children’s play sets
--Minor repairs, i.e. Faucet & toilet replacement

Manufactured Homes & Mobile Homes
In addition to Building Permits required to work on a Mfg. Homes, the person must also be Certified by NYS Department of State as either a Mechanic or Installer to perform any type of structural work, e.g. installing drywall over or removing existing interior walls, or removing
siding/sheathing from exterior. This is due to the diaphragm framing and the wall assembly is the structural integrity of the home. (Eff. 9/17/2007 19 NYCR&R Chapt. 32, Part 1210)

Retroactive Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
At least one CO Alarm is required in every home on the lowest sleeping level if there is a CO producing device present, e.g. Oil or Propane fired furnace/boiler, or wood/pellet stove or attached garage (Eff. 2/22/2010 – Amanda’s Law)

Every bedroom or other sleeping area has to have a smoke detector, plus one outside general sleeping area and at least one per floor, including the basement and usable attic, plus maintain it (Eff. 2007 PMC704.2)

Building Permits are required for almost everything…as the State Laws and Codes have changed significantly in 2006 when/where permits are required, as well as the required inspections for work.

When Building Permits are Required:
Building Permit shall be required for any work which must conform to the Uniform Code and/or the Energy Code, including, but not limited to, the construction, enlargement, alteration, improvement, removal, relocation or demolition of any building or structure or any portion thereof,
and the installation of a solid fuel burning heating appliance, chimney or flue in any dwelling unit. No Person shall commence any work for which a Building Permit is required without first having obtained a Building Permit from the Code Enforcement Officer.

LL 03-07 & Part 1203, Sect. 3 of Title 19 NYCR&R

Free Building Codes online:






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