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Odessa File Ad Rates

What follows are The Odessa File ad rates. Keep in mind that these rates buy advertising available to readers every hour of every day -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that the number of visits to this website averages about 14,000-15,000 per week.

Page Sponsorship

Sponsorship of an interior page gives the sponsor advertising space above the stories on that page. Width is the full width of the story area. Depth is up to three or four inches. Width is 580 pixels. Cost varies with the page and its popularity, ranging from $50 to $150. The only available sponsorship now is the PSA Page, which is $50/month.

The Home Page's key ad -- considered a sponsorship although different in configuration to those on interior pages -- is held by Schuyler Hospital.

Front Page Center Ad

Beyond the sponsorship on the Home Page, ad space is available in that page's center section -- sprinkled down throughout the promos that lead readers to stories inside. Cost varies by position -- from $350 a month down to $100 a month. Width of the ads is 410 pixels. Depth is, with few exceptions, limited to 410 pixels.

Front Page, Side Ad

The top spot on either side is spoken for. Below them, cost is $125/month for each of the next two spots on either side. It's $100 per month if below those three and linking to another website. Those top three spots are often taken.

Below the top three, it's $80 per month if there is no link, $100/month with a link.

The side ads are 170 pixels wide on the right, and 200 pixels wide on the left. Maximum depth is 500 pixels.

Inside Page, Side Ad:

These are 165 pixels wide. Maximum depth is 500 pixels. Cost is as follows:

$35 per month when linked to another website.

$180 for six months when linked to another website; $325 for a full year.

$30 per month for a stand-alone ad.

$150 for six months for a stand-alone ad; $250 for full year.

Inside Page, full-width ad within text area:

This is a sort of sub-sponsorship, with placement high on the page, below the sponsorship ad, and separated from the sponsorship ad by one or two stories. The ad runs across the full width of the text area, 580 pixels. Cost starts at $100/month, and is less on some pages.

If you wish to purchase an advertisement, make a donation, or provide sponsorship, you may contact or send a check or money order to:

The Odessa File
P.O. Box 365
Odessa, NY 14869
(607) 742-2772


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